Springbok Transportation Business Centres Platform

Thank you for applying to register as a valued Platinum Member of our vigorous, principled group of transportation entrepreneurs.

Knowing that our industry consist of many facets, services and different needs it is absolutely necessary, to have an information Platform that is trustworthy and informative, utilized by only ethical Members.

We developed the unique Springbok Transportation Business Centres Platform to improve a trustworthy reliable logistics extension of your own business, utilizing the benefit of working together with other visionary successful role players in a market that constantly became more competitive and professional.

Springbok Platinum Membership is to the advantage of serious, scrupulous, developmental individuals and companies that seek to work in partnership with likewise individuals and companies.

Membership is conditional and will be revoked at any time should a Member be found not to operate his company or business with integrity or adhere to the following terms and conditions.

  • Not declaring truthful personal and or business information. e.g. Maintaining you are a registered Transport Contractor with own fleet and is not factual, will result in the permanent barring of that Member’s application. All your private and company information will be kept confidential and will only be revealed to other Members with your written consent.
  • Failure to remunerate other Members of work done. If proven that you are in default, such breach will be published on Springbok’s website and newsletters to protect our four thousand plus Members and other entities, the defaulting party will be barred till such default has been rectified and not repeated. Assistance will be offered to the grieved party to retrieve such debt, cost effectively.
  • Membership of Transport Brokers/coordinators’ will be evaluated on their current creditworthy profile subject to regular examination. The transport broking industry is mostly unregulated resulting in unacceptable, unscrupulous behaviour of too many operators and “fly by nights”.
  • The Springbok Transportation Business Centres Platform has been established to motivated and assist Members to operate in a trustworthy mutual beneficial business environment, anyone without the same vision will be excluded immediately and permanently.
  • To enable the Springbok Transportation Business Centres Platform to direct your business profile to the appropriate entities insofar as you’re unique needs and vision is only possible if you declare your current position truthfully. E.g. If you are a start-up business it is paramount that you state so clearly to save time in directing yourself to the appropriate entities assisting, start-up transport businesses.
  • The Springbok Transportation Business Centres Platform is committed in supporting a cost-effective timesaving business environment for serious entrepreneurs set on sound business ethics.
  • We undertook to screen all Members’ requests and needs for authentication to ensure that you will not be flooded by unrelated, unnecessary phone calls or emails. For this reason we will not supply your contact details before we verified the enquiring Member’s ability to render services professionally to other Members.
  • Load suppliers full details will only be revealed to transport companies, and transport contractors, that has registered with us with Spreadsheets and all relevant information needed for effective, prompt professional service delivery. Thus ensuring that your needs will be addressed by only transporters that has the ability to assist in your transportation needs immediately.


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