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We thank you in advance for your precious time that you allocated to us to introduce our Company to you.

Springbok Transport Group (Pty) Ltd evolved from two 8 ton trucks in early 1984 to become a well established excellent service provider in the Transportation, Mining and Earthmoving industries, building numerous fruitful partnerships through the years.

Our business concept in cutting costs by amalgamating and joining forces with smaller contractors has proved very successful through the years.  

Smaller contractors working together with each other sharing their collective infrastructures and using Springbok Group’s Management Services, enabled all our Member Contractors to render our services more cost effective and professionally.

This strategy ensured zero duplicating of costs and brought about a huge saving of 26% in our overheads, making it possible to give an outstanding service to our Clients at a very competitive premium.

Springbok’s unselfish representation of all our contractors ensured a significant growth of all our Member Contractors, hence making us all very cost effective, flexible and dynamic without sacrificing excellent service delivery.

All goods are automatically covered by our standard goods in transit insurance.


Our mission is to still improve on our reputation of service excellence, overall cost effectiveness and high quality standards for we believe our Clients is special and exceptional and deserve a Company that add extra value to your unique requirements.


We offer:

We are cost-effective suppliers servicing most of your business needs;

  1. Supplying and sourcing of truck loads, long-term transport and earth-moving contracts.
  2. We buy and sell Truck Tractors, Trailers and all Earthmoving Equipment.
  3. Selling diesel and oil at Fleet discount.
  4. Selling new and recapped tyres for Trucks, Trailers and Earthmoving equipment at discounted prices.
  5. Suppliers of new and used spare-parts for Trucks, Trailers and Earthmoving equipment at competitive prices.
  6. Selling Truck, Trailer and Transit insurance.  
  7. Selling Business Life and Short Term insurance.
  8. Traders of Fleet Satellite equipment, Tracking devices and video surveillance systems.
  9. Supplying Breakdown and Mechanical Services.



Our joined fleet consists of:

  1. Flat decks tri-axels X 12
  2. Flat decks super-links X 10
  3. Bulk tri-axels X17
  4. Bulk super-links X 11
  5. Tankers X 9
  6. Car carriers X 14
  7. Skeleton trailers X 7
  8. Crane trucks X 8
  9. Abnormal vehicles X 4
  10. Hazardous packing and transport vehicles X 3
  11. Side tippers X 22
  12. Sloper tippers X 14


Always being committed to the development of our youth, Springbok Group (Pty) Ltd has allocated 6 % of its yearly turnover to youth development in Africa, our Youth Development Program consist of assisting new and existing entrepreneurs to excel in their entrepreneurial skills and wealth creation.

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